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Many companies such as airlines, finance, gaming and manufacturing use large databases to store their information. However, should anything happen that would leave your filing system corrupt or inaccessible, it is of paramount importance that you get your system back online and working as soon as possible. Whilst your database is down, you’re losing valuable money. Systems Express offer consultancy services as well as support to help you optimise your recovery time.

Why should you optimise your recovery time?

Data loss isn’t just about not having access to the most current version of your files, at worst it can lead your entire site to fail. With current GDPR legislation in full swing, it is important now more than ever to ensure your business is complaint with regulations and can recover your information quicker than ever.

Big Data Backup and Recovery

Ensuring a reduced data backup recovery time starts with an efficient original back up. There are many ways in which you can back up data, including to the cloud. Systems Express recommend using incremental forever backups to not only reduce annual spending, but to allow a secure system where any unscheduled down time should be easier to manage. Incremental forever backups mean that there is a point-in-time version that you and your colleagues can work from once the initial backup has been recovered.

Get Support On Large Data Backup Strategies

Systems Express will work with you and your company to find the best solution that works for your business. Helping with your back up, recovery and protection for big data, our team have partnered with global organisation Actifio.

With IT solutions at the core of what we do, we bring our customers the best possible service thanks to Systems Express working with a range of ten approved partners.

Reduce Your Big Data Recovery Time With Systems Express

For more information on how to reduce your recovery time for big data, get in touch with the experts at Systems Express today. You can call us directly on 03300884282 to speak to an adviser, or for a call back at your request send your query to our team by contacting us online.

Systems Express are one of Europe’s quickest growing data-focused storage integrators.

Our Working Partners

Systems Express work tightly with several of the world’s leading IT brands to supply our clients with the ultimate IT solutions. Check out the approved partners that we closely operate with below.

Reducing Recovery Time for Big Data