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Actifio is a global organisation that operates in over 35 different countries. In total, Actifio works with in excess of 2500 global enterprise customers in helping them virtualise their data.

They achieve this goal by utilising innovative technology such as their Virtual Data Pipeline, which is designed to substantially improve your businesses access to the cloud.

Actifio work with the Systems Express team in the following sectors:

Why data protection is crucial for your business

As you will be aware data is an essential part of your business, therefore it is pivotal that this valuable information is not lost in one way or another.

By working closely with Actifio, Systems Express have given our clients peace of mind by knowing that all their data is securely backed up.

Systems Express and Actifio have partnered to ensure that we can provide you with an effective way of protecting your irreplaceable data.

For more on how our experts can help you safeguard your businesses data, contact the Systems Express team today.


Platform Architecture

Using their innovative Virtual Data Pipeline, Actifio’s platform architecture allows IT administrators to assist numerous data protection cases via a single storage platform.

Sky Standard & Advanced

Actifio’s Sky Standard & Advanced product gives you the ability to backup and recover large workloads in the public, hybrid and private cloud.

Sky DB

Actifio Sky DB’s high performance and rapid database cloning provides superb scalable data cloning and recovery solutions for Oracle, Microsoft SQL & ERP applications.

Sky for Amazon AWS

Actifio Sky for amazon AWS will accelerate backup and supply instant data recovery data cloning in the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Sky for Microsoft Azure

Actifio Sky for Microsoft Azure provides you with on-demand testing, backup & instant recovery and migration to Azure to substantially enhance your business resiliency.

Sky for Azure Cloud Platform

Actifio’s Sky for Azure Cloud Platform will provide you with suberb data protection and data cloning, alongside immediate recovery for applications in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Sky for Oracle Cloud

Thanks to its specially designed large backup window and expensive data retention, the Sky for Oracle Cloud by Actifio supplies you with swift backup, data cloning and disaster recover for all of your Oracle databases.

Sky for IBM Cloud

Save valuable time and money and backup or recover your data within the IBM cloud with the single click of a button, by using Actifio’s Sky for IBM cloud.

Sky for Google Cloud

The Actifio Sky for Google Cloud enables you recover and large databases in quickfire time for your data that lies in the Google Cloud platform.

NAS Director

If you need a solution to backup and recover data for NAS filters, then look no further than the high performing Actifio NAS director.

Our Working Partners

Systems Express work tightly with several of the world’s leading IT brands to supply our clients with the ultimate IT solutions. Check out the approved partners that we closely operate with below.