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Check Point

Check Point are a multi-national supplier of hardware and software products, that are purpose built to enhance your businesses IT security.

Check Point offer numerous innovative products, services and resources that are specifically designed to safeguard their customers against any potential computer related threats.

At Systems Express, we closely work with Check Point to make certain that our clients’ network security levels are at the highest possible standard.

Protect your organisation with next generation network security

Whether you are seeking network security for your international business or for your home office, the experts at Systems Express can’t stress enough how important it is to install a network security system that you can trust.

Your company’s data is arguably its most important asset, so obviously the last thing you want to do is lose it by not having sufficient network security. By contacting us at Systems Express, we can provide you with the newest network security protection to give you the best possible chance of not suffering from a devastating cyber attack.


Network Security

Protect your network with Check Points network security packages. Products within this section include Advanced Threat Prevention, Next Generation Firewall and Security Gateway Appliances.

Cloud Security

Safeguard your cloud data with effective Check Point cloud security through Systems Express, with products such as SaaS Security, Public laaS Security and Private Iaas Security.

Mobile Security

Check Points’ Mobile Threat Defence and Mobile Secure Workspace products are guaranteed to keep your valuable mobile device data secure.

Endpoint Security

Protect endpoints from advanced attacks and simplify your endpoint security management system with Check Points’ Advanced Threat Prevention, Endpoint Protection and Remote Access.

Security Management

Your network security is only as effective as your ability to manage it, so Check Points’ cyber security management system features intelligent and effective network security that can be easily managed via one console.

Our Working Partners

Systems Express work tightly with several of the world’s leading IT brands to supply our clients with the ultimate IT solutions. Check out the approved partners that we closely operate with below.

Check Point